Best Furry Dildo

The finger furry is a sex toy favorite for all furry dildo enthusiasts and represents what vibrators are all about – Small, waterproof, easy to use, discreet, and most of all capable of providing the ultimate in orgasmic pleasure just the way you want.

The finger furry is ideal for sex toy beginners as it’s easy to use and soft to the touch, yet with it’s multiple speed settings powerful enough to provide the necessary stimulation when needed.

Why just use your fingers for stimultion when you can slip one of these over them for the ultimate pleasure sensation. And remember you can get creative with the finger furry, it’s ideal for stimulating multiple erogenous zones including your nipples, or even bring it to bed next time with your partner and try stimulating his testicles and the head of his penis, I can personally guarantee that it will have you cumming together like never before.

Perfect for in the bath, shower or under the sheets. The finger furry is so small and discreet that I take mine with me everywhere – on vacation, business trips and even sometimes to work 😉

The Jessica furry style dildo, also know as the Jack furry is one of the most versatile sex toys available. Not only does it have all the usual features of furry vibrators, but in addition to the usual 2 speeds of operation you can combine it numerous modes to get over 300 different patterns for hours of experimentation and maximum stimulation of the clitoris and vagina.

I’ve tried a few different Jessica furry style dildos and by far the best one I’ve ever used is the Decadent Indulgence 3. At first I was a little put off by the high price tag ($83.18!!!). But after hearing from a good friend just how good they are I decided to just go for it, and I’m very glad that I did!

The bunny ears hug your clitoris snugly whilst massaging and the shaft is just the right girth and length to reach those all important erogenous zones and pulsate to maximum effect.

Jessica furry Features:

10 Speeds of shaft rotation.
3 Clitoral vibration patterns, each with 10 different speeds.
2 Patterns of escalation and acceleration.
‘Non-jamming’ animal pleasure beads.
Tri-point stimulation for maximum pleasure.
These all combine for over 300 different patterns of vibration, pulsation and stimulation to provide a level of versatility and stimulation that no other sex toy even comes close to!